Our Services

Weekly Maintenance 

  • Your pool will get the full attention it needs every week. A full cleaning and chemical balancing service each week that includes:

  • Check and adjust chemicals accordingly

  • Skim pool surface

  • Vacuum pool

  • Empty skimmer and pump baskets

  • Check water levels

  • Brush steps and benches

  • Cartridge filter cleaning or backwashing

  • Visually inspect equipment

Pool Equipment Repairs

  • DE filter maintenance.

  • Sand changes.

  • Multi-cartridge filter maintenance.

  • Heater repair and installation.

  • Pump repair and installation.

  • Salt cell cleaning and inspection.

  • Pool light repair.

  • Automated control system repair and installation.

Pool Remodels

  • Traditional replaster - marcite plaster

  • Specialized replaster - Stonescapes and Quartzscapes

  • Retile

  • Bench and step additions

  • Skimmer replacement

Additional Services

  • Green to Clean chlorine bath

  • Shock and Floc service

  • Acid wash

  • Leak detection and repair


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